5 Physical Activities to Keep Your Dog Bushy-Tailed

5 Physical Activities to Keep Your Dog Bushy-Tailed

Getting exercise is always a must for humans and dogs. If you’ve been working out alone despite having an animal companion, you might be doing it the wrong way. In case you don’t know, dogs make good exercise buddies and fitness tools for good reasons. They are naturally lively, keep a positive attitude, and help you have fun. Above all, you and your pet can benefit from what exercise offers.

So if you’re looking for better ways to have a good time and get active with your pet dog, we have prepared a short list of people and dog-friendly exercises you can begin doing today.

Exercises You Can Do With Your Pet

Just as exercise is a basic human need, the same applies to our pets. There are activities you can do with your dog while also exercising at the same time. While some of these activities might give more exercise for your pet and vice versa, it is still a fun way to bond with them.

Below are five simple and enjoyable activities to burn calories with your furry friend.

1. Hiking

Dogs love outdoor and nature views as much as you do. So the next time you plan your hiking adventure, remember to take your dog with you. You might also explore new parks and trails to entertain your pet with new environments and surroundings. If you feel your dog is not ready for a hike, take them to facilities like Stoney Creek Veterinary Hospital for a checkup to assess their condition. The veterinarian can provide tailored advice and recommendations to qualify your pet for the activity.

2. Walking

Walking might be the most classic and basic type of exercise we can give our dogs. The good thing is that many dogs like to walk. Aside from getting some exercise, walking with your pet is also an excellent way for them to discover the world with their nose. Taking different routes on each walk is also a good idea. This enables them to smell and see different things while meeting new friends and other people.

3. Running

Although jogging and running can keep the heart healthy, not all pets are built for it. For example, Greyhounds are good at short-distance sprintings but can quickly get tired in long-distance runs. So if running and jogging are in your routine, choose dog breeds ideal for distance running, such as Labrador Retrievers, Belgian Malinois, or Dalmatians.

When your dog is fully grown, start doing 10-minute runs daily and slowly increase the time until they can fully handle 30 minutes. Avoid the hot times of the day when choosing a time to run with your pet to avoid heatstroke. If you see them lagging behind you, take five minutes of cooldown and call it a day.

When you notice soreness or signs of fractures after the workout, consider taking them to animal centers that offer cold laser therapy for dogs. They’ll benefit from the relaxing effects of pet laser treatment along with speedy recovery.

4. Going to Dog Parks

Dogs love socializing with their fellows, which is an excellent reason to walk them to parks. Canines like social interactions and know how to play with their fellows. A dog park is a great environment to polish your pet’s social interaction skills and discover new games with other dogs.

However, there are vital considerations to make before socializing your pet. Only take your dog to parks after completing their core vaccines and have at least one booster shot. This protects your pet from lethal viral diseases like parvo, distemper, and canine influenza. If your dog still lacks preventive treatments, getting pet wellness plans that contain bundles of the mentioned vet subscriptions is a good idea. You can also get discount rates on vet visits, another good reason to consider a pet wellness plan.

You may browse the web to learn more about the benefits of buying pet wellness plans.

5. Swimming

Numerous dogs love water, and swimming can benefit pets with joint problems or in their senior years. The water’s resistance and buoyancy are a good environment for pets recuperating from joint injuries and pains, making swimming a low-impact exercise. Providing a life jacket to your pet can help them stay much longer in the water, which also promotes heart health.


Exercising is a perfect mood booster for humans and provides mental and physical stimulation for dogs. Although regularly exercising with your pet may seem like a tough commitment, it is an excellent way to deepen the bond between you and them. If you’re unsure about the appropriate exercise and the amount of energy your dog can commit to activities, talk to the veterinarian and ask for advice and recommendations.