What are Typical Causes of Property Damage?

What are Typical Causes of Property Damage?

Property damage can be a substantial setback for any home or business owner. Experiencing property damage can be devastating as it often leads to expensive repairs and, sometimes, irreplaceable losses. Understanding the common causes of property damage is crucial to mitigating potential hazards and implementing precautions for safety.

Natural Causes of Property Damage

Unpredictable and sometimes fatal natural disasters account for a significant portion of property damage.

  • Storms: Among the most common culprits. From torrential rains causing flood damage to powerful winds ripping apart structures, storms can significantly impact properties. 
  • Earthquakes: An earthquake can lead to serious structural damage, particularly when the property isn’t built to withstand such seismic activities. 
  • Fires: Natural fires, often caused by lightning strikes or a wildfire, can lead to substantial property damage that may require disaster management for repair and remediation.

Man-Made Causes of Property Damage

Besides natural disasters, human activities contribute significantly to property damage.

  • Vandalism: Vandalism and burglary often lead to property damage. This includes smashed windows, broken doors, or graffiti exteriors. 
  • Improper Construction: If the construction process is not properly executed, buildings may suffer from structural issues causing damage over time. 
  • Insurance Risks: These include conditions deemed risky by property insurance companies, like faulty plumbing or wiring, which can create threats to the property.

Water Damage

Water damage is another major cause of property damage. This situation can arise from different circumstances.


  • Flood Damage: Flooding, whether due to a natural disaster or internal issues such as broken pipes, can lead to severe water damage. 
  • Leaks: Over time, small leaks can lead to big issues, including structural damage and mold growth. 
  • Appliance Malfunctions: Dishwashers, washing machines, or other appliances can often overflow, leading to water damage. In cases of water damage, it’s crucial to focus on water mitigation to prevent further destruction. This process involves removing water from the property, drying out areas, dehumidifying the space, and preventing the growth of mold.

Fire Damage

The aftermath of a fire can be catastrophic, leaving a trail of smoke, soot, and structural damage.

  • Electrical Fires: Faulty wiring or improper use of electrical appliances can lead to a fire outbreak in a building. – 
  • Unattended Cooking: Leaving food unattended on a cooking stove is one of the most common causes of fire in homes. – 
  • Smoking: Indoor smoking can lead to a fire, especially when a lit cigarette comes into contact with flammable materials. In the aftermath of a fire, smoke, and fire damage, restoration is essential. This process involves cleaning the soot residue, removing smoke odors, and repairing any structural issues.

Damage Restoration

Once the property gets hit by any of these disasters, a comprehensive restoration process becomes crucial.

Initiating rapid response, the damage restoration specialists start with an assessment of the affected areas to detail the severity of the damage. San Marcos water damage restoration services typically utilize advanced water extraction equipment for effective water removal and drying processes, saving as much property as possible in the process. 

Protection Against Further Damage

One of the first things that restoration services will do when they arrive at your home is to protect it from further damage. This might be necessary if there’s a storm or fire going on outside.

  • Using safety measures: The professionals might use things like safety tarps or emergency board-ups to protect your home. These measures can help ensure that the damage doesn’t get worse while the restoration process is happening.
  • Preventing further damage with building shrink wraps: If the damage to your home is extensive, the restoration team might use a building shrink wrap. This is a large, durable plastic sheet that completely covers your home, protecting it from the weather and any other potential hazards.

Help With Property Insurance Claims

Dealing with property insurance claims can be a confusing process. Luckily, restoration services are here to help. They understand the process and can guide you through it, making things a little easier.

  • Assisting property owners: The team from the restoration service can help you file your insurance claim. This can be a huge relief, especially if you’re feeling overwhelmed.
  • Navigating complicated insurance process: The professionals understand all the ins and outs of the insurance process. They know what needs to be done and can ensure that everything is done correctly, increasing your chances of having your claim accepted.

PuroClean of New Braunfels is just one example of a company that offers restoration services. They’re trained to deal with a variety of problems, ensuring they can help no matter what kind of damage you’re dealing with.

  • Offering a range of services: PuroClean of New Braunfels has a team that’s trained to handle everything from mold damage and water damage restoration to smoke and fire damage restoration.
  • Handling severe cases: Some cases are more severe than others. If this is the case, the PuroClean of New Braunfels team is prepared. They can handle decontamination, cleaning, and even structural damage analysis if necessary.

The Remediation Process

Restoration services will always have a remediation process. This is a set of steps that they follow to take care of the damage and repair your home. These steps can vary depending on the type of damage.

  • The trained team: The team from the restoration service will be trained to deal with the specific problem. They will know how to safely and effectively deal with whatever damage you’re experiencing.
  • Steps of the remediation process: The specific steps of the remediation process can vary. It might include things like drying out your home, cleaning up debris, repairing any structural damage, and preventing future problems.

If your home is extensively damaged, it may need to be rebuilt. This can be a daunting task, but restoration services are equipped to handle it.

  • Provided by restoration services: Restoration companies, like PuroClean of New Braunfels, can help with the rebuilding process. They will coordinate everything, ensuring that the work is done correctly and to your satisfaction.
  • Ensuring optimal recovery: The goal of the restoration company is to ensure that your home is fully recovered. They will do everything they can to make sure your home is safe, comfortable, and exactly the way you want it again.


Property damage can happen to anyone and usually strikes when least expected. Thankfully, you can count on reliable disaster management teams to restore your property in the wake of a calamity. Equipped with the right knowledge, homeowners and business owners can better protect their properties, thus mitigating damage and saving on potential repair costs. Identifying the risk areas in your property and actively addressing them before disaster strikes is also an effective preventive measure for further damage.