Healthy Home Environment: How to Improve Indoor Air Quality

Healthy Home Environment: How to Improve Indoor Air Quality

According to a survey conducted in 1999 by the American Lung Association, most Americans spend around 70 percent of their time indoors, making their indoor air quality an important aspect of their health and overall well-being. However, due to an increase in pollutants in indoor air as well as the air inside your home can be as high as 100 times worse for your health than the air outside.

Three Ways to Improve Indoor Air Quality

For people of all ages, breathing air that isn’t quite up to par can harm their health. There are many ways to enhance air quality inside your home for a healthier home. In addition, cleaning your home environment is important for maintaining your family’s health.

1. Ensure Adequate Ventilation

It’s common in modern houses to create seals around the windows and doors to be as airtight as possible to increase energy efficiency while also reducing pollutants within the home. The polluted indoor air could be replaced by healthy outdoor air via opening up the door and windows and often circulating air using fans or other equipment.

2. Use High-Quality Air Filters

When you use a high-quality air filter to clean your home’s air and reduce your likelihood of having health issues related to bad air quality.

Air filters are employed to get rid of impurities as air flows through a home’s heating and cooling. Indoor air pollutants, including dust and mold, and pet dander, could be trapped by high-quality air filters and kept in the filter’s material for quick disposal, effectively removing them from the air.

3. Ensure All Equipment Is Working Properly

Equipment failure might lead to an increase in air pollution inside your home. For example, an increase in toxins in the air due to malfunctioning furnaces, space heaters, stoves, or dryers can lead to hazardous pollution levels. Thus, home HVAC equipment should be inspected and maintained regularly, following the manufacturer’s instructions.

Make Efforts to Improve Air Quality

When setting up the perfect living space in your house, your primary concern should be the well-being of everyone in your family. However, when it comes to your health, poor air quality can cause various health issues that are debilitating and even fatal problems, which is why you should do everything you can to improve the air quality in your home.

Everyone has a role be a part of the battle against climate change. Individuals are all responsible for maintaining the domain for future generations. Therefore, no one is in any way exempt from this responsibility. Everyone should do their part, and it’s not simply one or two people or a few organizations who show an interest. Therefore, it is imperative to act swiftly and do what we can or should do to help save the environment does nothing to help.

So, we have outlined the perfect house: orderly and clean, free of insects and well ventilated, and free of harmful toxins. These requirements are crucial for the physical and mental health of the people who live in the house.